About me

soaps by Abi made in Almonte ON- about me

I am Abi :)

I have been living in Almonte, ON with my husband Rémy and our son for quite a few years and I always enjoyed crafting all sorts of things.

Why Soap?

A couple of years ago, we all had to start washing our hands A LOT more than before.

This led me to wonder what was in the soaps that my family was using. To keep it short: I did not understand the labels...

On top of that, plastic packagings, pumps that are not recyclable, etc. were piling up and made me wonder what I could do to avoid this.

Going back to natural products

We apply soap on our skin several times a day. Making sure our soaps are made of natural and safe products is essential.

I also want to reduce the environmental footprint of the products we are using.

In this day and age using less chemicals and protecting the environment are King. So going back to natural products like natural soap makes more sense than buying detergents in single use plastic packagings.

Soaps by Abi artisan soap made in Almonte ON protect the environment
soaps by abi gift made in almonte ontario 

What now?

Making soap is almost therapeutical to me: it channels my creativity as I try to tell a story in each one of my creations.

I made small batches but wanted to keep making more and more but we ended up with more soaps that we needed so I started sharing them with my friends and family.

They started using my soaps, and asking for more for their friends and families.

That's how I progressively transitioned from making a batch now and then to having a full collection of over 45 scents and colours. Now sharing the love with everyone.

All my soaps are available in my online store. If you have a specific idea or request (wedding gifts, etc.) please reach out!